Google Ads’ Optimization Score Now Includes Shopping Campaigns

Optimization scores in Google Ads will now include shopping campaigns as well as search campaigns.

Google Ads will assign an individual score to each campaign type, and provide a combined score at the account level.

Scores for shopping campaigns range from 0% to 100% – a score of 100% means the campaign is optimized to perform at its full potential.

Google Ads’ Optimization Score Now Includes Shopping Campaigns

Along with optimization scores, Google Ads will offer recommendations based on its evaluations of each campaign type.

This update comes with new recommendations that are specific to shopping campaigns, such as switching to Smart Shopping campaigns and adding seller ratings.

According to Google, advertisers saw an average increase of 10% in their conversion rates after increasing their account level optimization score by 10 points.

Optimization scores can be found within the “Recommendations” tab in Google Ads.

For more information about improving your optimization score, see Google’s best practices:

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